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The Apocalyptic Gospel is dedicated to the proclamation of the threefold angelic message symbolized in Revelation 14:6-12.  Our target ministries consist of prison and jail ministry, evangelistic coaching and planning, sermons/podcasts, coming lay Bible school (LBS) and health coaching.

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Our Prison Ministry

In 2008, we received word from a friend who was incarcerated, that there was a group forming in our local prison of Messianic Jews and Seventh-day Adventists who needed an outside sponsor to have a worship service on the Sabbath.

Our friend Azeze, wrote Brother Johny Carmouche, requesting him to come in and sponsor the group.  Azeze shares his testimony on our first podcast below. Br. Carmouche faced many challenges volunteering because of this past conviction and incarceration at that facility.  His full story is found in this ebook below that he co-authored with his wife Nancy. Every time Brian would see Br. Carmouche would ask, “Hey Brian, why don’t you volunteer at the prison?” This went on for what seemed like months until Brian finally capitulated and signed up.  

This began an amazing 15-year journey of a prison ministry that Brian shares in his testimony below.  Under God’s amazing blessings, we grew to include five state facilities in Virginia and four county facilities as well as a state facility when Brian moved to Minnesota.

When Brian left Joseph and Helen Sumbillo joined the ministry. Today, under their leadership, the ministry has expanded with more services including a regional jail ministry.  Where we provide high quality Bible and truth filled Bible studies as Br. Sumbillo shares in his testimony below.

If I Make My Bed in Hell

“If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.” —Psalm 139:8.
by John Carmouche (Author) | Format: Kindle Edition

John grew up poverty stricken in Louisiana’s bayou country. Because of familial connections, arrangements were made for him and Peggy, his sister, to attend the local Catholic school. At 14, he started asking questions that annoyed the monsignor in charge. Since the priest didn’t have answers to the honest spiritual questions, he raged. Nevertheless, John asked the nuns for a Bible. They turned a deaf ear to his repeated requests.

Gifted musically, John easily learned to play the saxophone. By 15, he was making music in dance halls and bars. Enticed by the world, he left his spiritual desires in the dust.

God wasn’t done seeking for his heart, however. Newly graduated from high school, he found work in the oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. On the very first rig, an explosion and fire threatened the lives of the crew. God spared his life in the midst of this peril. His attention was on high alert, so Bible study ensued.

Years passed, and he left for the oil fields in Iran. There he lived the high life. There he found a young wife. They left for the United States shortly after the last Shah was deposed. The western lifestyle intrigued the young mother. More interested in the night life, the marriage began to deteriorate. John took a job close to home, but illness racked his frame. He conversed with another John, and asked his favorite question, expecting the same unsatisfactory answer.

“Tell me about the Sabbath.”

This time, a very different response brought about more questions from the invalid. His respiratory ailments precluded John from ever smoking and playing the saxophone. Thus, he dug deeper into God’s Word. Meanwhile, his party-loving wife finally admitted to me that she was having an affair outside their marriage. A mad fury twisted him in knots. Rational thought vanished when he witnessed them together. A heated struggle ended when John plunged a knife into his opponent, leaving him lifeless.

Splattered with his rival’s blood, he fled the scene. Quickly, he was arrested. Tried. Convicted.

What could God do with an incarcerated, blackened soul? You’ll be able to trace John’s steps in accepting God’s call, “Follow Me.” His prayer is that you will accept the same call.

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